Size & Fitting Guide

Rugs are to the room what shoes are to an outfit. They tie the look together, add a touch of luxury and glamour, especially if it is a good quality and high standard of craftsmanship. At Loominarea, we look at our rugs as a piece of art, and that’s how we craft them. Because of that, we can’t miss the importance of a rug size that perfectly fits your space and furniture layout so we prepare our best guidance so you can select size. However if you have any questions or concerns, let us know in the form below.


Rugs one of the most important part of living room and it’s essential to choose a great design, quality, size, and shape. The existing room size, furniture should pretty much say which design and shape you should go with, and as far as size, there is rule no 1 – Always choose a generous size of rug that extends your furniture layout. Not only that it shows most of the rug designs, but it also adds luxurious feel. Sometimes the room size won’t allow large rugs, and in that case is suggested to choose rug size that covers at least partially under the furniture (picture 3). In any way, we do not suggest choosing rug that is too small. 

rund sofa rug size
living room rug
sofa rug size


Dining room is another important space to place a rug. We suggest choosing a size that extends your dining table between 2.5′ – 3‘. It’s an easy rule that always looks great.

rug size dining room
Dining rug size
large dining room rug


Just like in other rooms, there are many options of rug sizing and placement. Depending on your room size, in any case, we suggest rug width always extends a night stand and length extends minimum between 1’6 to 4′ depending if you plan to leave that part empty, or add bedroom bench, lounge sofa or side chairs, or even tv lift.

bedroom rug size
rug size bedroom
master bedroom rug size


Sometimes the best solution is to create a custom rug. At Loominarea, we have endless possibilities in colors, shapes and sizes.
To provide you with the best advice for you, we will need your room’s dimension and ideally also photos. 

To inquiry about a custom rug, please fill the form below.