Ethereal Collection


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Hand-tufted: $50.00 per SQ FT

Hand-knotted: $150.00 per SQ FT

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6 ft 6 in

Product Details

Each item is "Made to order".


Premium Quality:

Natural Materials: Tibetan Wool & Chinese Mulberry Silk

Craftsmanship: Hand Knotted

Knot Count: 100 knot

Technique: Cut Pile

Origin: Nepal

Production: 10-16 weeks depending on size.


Standard Quality:

Natural Materials: New Zealand Wool & Eucalyptus Tencel (Silk alike)

Craftsmanship: Hand Tufted

Tuft counts: 650 tufts

Technique: Cut Pile

Origin: India

Production: 4-6 weeks depending on size.

We offer the ability for you to work with us to design a rug that’s entirely customized for you with any size, shape, and color.

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“The Ethereal Collection was born from the radiant colors that we see in every sunrise and sunset. These daily wonders symbolize the phases of life, bringing the sun to light the day and the moon to illuminate the night. The rugs in this collection are made with dreamy color palettes to reflect these glorious happenings and have a sense of symmetry that celebrates their blessed consistency. Just like the sunrise and sunset, these rugs are a source of inspiration for everyone who sees them.” Loominarea