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Loominarea rugs are inspired by nature, made from the finest ethically-sourced materials, handcrafted by a small family business located in India and Nepal, and come with the Good Weave label that ensures no forced, bonded, or child labor was involved in their making. 

Copy: \[NEWPORT BEACH, CA – April 10, 2022\] – Helena Brana, founder of the interior design firm Brana Designs known for designing transcendent, one-of-a-kind interiors in for elite clientele in Southern California, has now expanded into luxury rugs with her new company, Loominarea.

Loominarea transforms homes into true living environments with luxury rugs and wall hangings, handcrafted with only the finest all-natural, hypoallergenic, ethically made and responsibly sourced materials. Loominarea’s dreamy designs channel the aesthetics of the natural world, including the wonder of Mother Nature’s warm daylight and cool evenings, vast desert scapes, oceans, gardens, and gemstones.

When selecting the best rug and optimal quality for a space, consumers will want to consider what best suits their requirements in terms of quality,  longevity, aesthetic, texture and cost.

Each Loominarea collection is made in both hand-knotted and hand-tufted techniques because every room has different needs. For a prominent space like a living room or master suite, a client may select a hand-knotted rug, while opting for a hand-tufted rug for an office or kids room. That’s why Loominarea offers both options.

Loominarea’s hand-knotted rugs (premium quality) are the most luxurious, and are handmade in Nepal by master artisans.  They have a quality of 100-150 knots which takes approximately three to five months to make. Sometimes, it can even take up to a year depending on the complexity and size. For Loominarea’s premium quality rugs, the company reserves the best, most durable and luminous materials that can be found on earth: a Chinese Mulberry silk known as “soft gold’ and Tibetan wool known for the depth and subtle variations of its coloring. Hand-knotted rugs often become collectable pieces and family heirlooms as they can last for generations with a proper care.

Loominarea’s hand-tufted rugs are made by hand and a tool of 650 tufts, and can be completed within six to eight weeks. Instead of hand-tying every knot, master makers use a handheld tool to send fiber through a canvas base. Upon completion, a backing is put on the rug for added support and structure. For this technique, the company selected the optimal high-quality natural materials: New Zealand wool and Eucalyptus Tencel (a type of silk made from eucalyptus pulps from sustainable tree farms).

Both hand-knotted and hand-tufted rugs are made with different but all natural materials, as different fibers are more suitable for different quality and technique. All of Loominarea’s hand-picked fibers are all-natural, durable and sustainable. The wools used in Loominarea rugs – the Tibetan and New Zealand wool – are sourced from free range sheep that have been naturally nurtured with minimal human interference, antibiotics or chemicals. And the silks used, Chinese Mulberry silk and Tencel, are sourced by fair-trade origin sustainable farms.

Each rug and collection is designed by Mrs. Brana and made by a small family business located in India and Nepal. Loominarea and its artisan partner are also part of nonprofit Good Weave’s Fair Trade Program, which ensures that no child or forced labor is used in any of its registered productions. In order to be certified by GoodWeave, Loominarea and its weavers sign a legally binding contract to produce rugs without child labour and to allow unannounced inspections of their workshops by GoodWeave agents. Each Loominarea rug comes with the GoodWeave label, which is consumers’ best assurance that no child labour was employed in the making of a rug. A percentage of the proceeds of rugs with Good Weave labels goes to support grassroots social programs in India and Nepal.

Loominarea offers clientele the ability to customize shapes and colors of existing designs, and even commission custom rugs or collections.

Loominarea rugs start at $1,200 for Standard Quality and $3,100 for Premium Quality. Pricing depends on size and quality (e.g., hand-tufted vs. hand-knotted).


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