Meet our Founder

Loominarea was brought to life by Helena Brana, Founder and Principal of BRANA Designs. Helena Brana is a celebrated European interior designer based in beautiful Corona del Mar. She is known for crafting elegant, mindful and bespoke environments for which she often searches the world for extraordinarily crafted, one-of-a-kind pieces from master artisans.

When working on high-profile and large-scale projects, Helena found herself frustrated, time and time again, because she could never find rugs that were exactly the right fit in quality, aesthetic, and materials. This led her to set out on a journey to craft the world’s finest rugs in every way – time-honored techniques, ethically sourced, and all-natural materials, and spectacular designs.

Her first few custom rugs were met with glowing feedback from discerning clientele. And thus, Loominarea was born. Our collections are inspired by Helena’s time spent in nature and abroad, and reflect the glory of her surroundings – whether it’s the vibrant hues Sunsets, glorious oceans, or nature bathing in the beauty of her home in Southern California.