Ethically Sourced & Made Rugs

Handcrafted rugs are the heart of the home, giving a space its life and essence. At Loominarea, we pour our heart and soul into every rug that we create. Our designs capture the imagination, our materials are only the finest, and our fibers feel wonderfully luxurious. And, we believe that what you bring into your home should radiate good and positivity. That’s why we’re intentional about making sure that your rug is ethically and responsibly made, from harvesting fibers to tying the final knots.


We searched the world for the highest quality, most transcendent, and ethically-sourced materials. We discovered true treasures and selected Tibetan & New Zealand wool, Eucalyptus Tencel, and Chinese Mulberry Silk.

We reserve the Chinese Mulberry silk for our finest hand-knotted, collectible rugs. It’s called “soft gold for its luminous appearance, durability, and the highest quality silk on the planet. Thin as hair, light as a feather, but as strong as steel. Mulberry silk is made from the fiber of silkworm cocoons, harvested on local Mulberry farms in China. Each cocoon yields a silk fiber that’s up to one mile long. are the strongest, most resilient and vibrant fibers.

We use wool that is responsibly sourced from sheep nurtured with minimal human interference, antibiotics, or chemicals. The sheep are sheared once a year in the summer to keep them cool, and their soft but durable wool is dyed by Azo free dyes & woven into our rugs. Tibetan wool is reserved for our premium quality hand-knotted rugs, while the New Zealand Wool is more sustainable for hand-tufted rugs.

Another fiber that we use is Eucalyptus Tencel that we use in hand-tufted rugs is also an all-natural fiber, quite similar to silk. It is harvested from the pulp of Eucalyptus trees grown on a specialized, sustainable tree farm and is completely recyclable.

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Once these materials are harvested, they make their way to the small family of rug makers in India & Nepal who deftly handcraft each one. Loominarea donates a percentage of its proceeds back to the artisans communities, and is part of a Good Weave, a non-profit organization’s Fair Trade Programme. The GoodWeave label that is placed on all of our rugs, is the best assurance that no child labour was employed in the making of that rug, and a percentage of the cost of labelled rugs goes to support grassroots social programmes in India and Nepal. In order to be certified by GoodWeave, our weavers sign a legally binding contract to produce rugs without child labour, and to allow unannounced inspections of their workshops by GoodWeave agents.