Custom Luxury Rugs & Entire Collections

Explore Loominarea’s world of endless possibilities by designing your own custom, handcrafted rug or home collection.

Within our universe, we at Loominarea feel that every soul is unique in its beauty – and requires an equally unique space in which to abide and thrive.

The rug is the fertile soil from which an entire space can grow with energy that is beautifully in-tune with your very soul. That’s why we offer the ability for you to work with us to design a rug that’s entirely customized for you with a size, shape, color palette, or design that’s all your own.

Our family of makers in Nepal will craft your premium quality hand-knotted rug with the finest, ethically-sourced natural materials – Tibetan wool and Chinese Mulberry silk, the best silk in the world. When it’s complete, you’ll have a truly, one-of-a-kind art piece that will last for generations and enhance the beauty of your space with an elevated aesthetic.

Just like every bespoke work of art, our handmade luxury rugs takes a bit of time however your patience will be rewarded with a completely one-of-a-kind piece, brought to life from your own imagination.

Besides that you will have a beautiful luxury rug, when we work together, we are part of something bigger. Loominarea is part of a Good Weave, a non-profit Fair-Trade organization, ensuring that all of our products are free of child or forced labor, and each of our rug including yours comes with a Good Weave label.

To create a piece that’s uniquely yours, please fill out the form below and attach any necessary photos and floor plans. Let’s craft beautiful spaces and worlds, together.

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