About Loominarea

“Loominarea’s Luxury Rug Collections are tangible surrealistic expressions of nature’s inherent beauty. Each one channels the splendor of a unique natural wonder - the skies, deserts, oceans, forests, flower fields and the very universe itself. They elevate every aesthetic and create an immersive experience in any space, whether featured on the wall or floor.”

Helena Brana founder of Loominarea

For thousands of years, people have sought the ancient wisdom of the earth, the healing qualities of plants, the tranquility of the ocean and the illumination of the heavens. A belief in the balancing qualities of the natural world is one that transcends time and space, and has been held by old world sages and new age philosophers alike.

At Loominarea, we transform spaces into true living environments. We craft luxury rugs and wall hangings with only the finest natural, hypoallergenic, and ethically-harvested materials including Tibetan and New Zealand wool, Chinese Mulberry silk, and Eucalyptus Tencel. Our dreamy and airy designs are inspired by our travels and time spent in nature, channeling the aesthetics of earthly marvels, the stunning beauty of Mother Nature’s days and nights, desertscapes, oceans, gardens, and gemstones.

Each and every rug is entirely hand-crafted by a small family business located in Nepal & India and our rugs and your purchase directly supports manufacture's local communities, and a Fair trade as Loominarea is licensed rug company with Good Weave, a global non-profit organization to assure that our rugs have been made without child or forced labor.

We appreciate that, just like the natural environment, each space is unique. That’s why we offer the ability to customize shapes and colors at no extra cost. Send us photos and a floor plan, and we will craft a dreamy piece just for you. 

Adorn your space with Loominarea.